Thursday, 17 June 2010

British University Artists

I've just joined this
site for artists that are at university. Its really good because the whole idea of it is to promote university artists. So, if you're at uni, you should definitely sign up!
I've also sorted out what competitions I'm going to aim to enter this summer. I'm no photographer, but I have had this idea for a series of photos for a while now, so I'm thinking of actually creating them and if they're good enough entering them in the National Portrait Gallery's Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. Which would be pretty amazing.
There's also the Salon Prize - which can be absolutely anything you want, so I need to get thinking of some ideas. There's also The AOI Images 35 which would be pretty cool.
I Want to do them just so I keep thinking and creating. Its nice to have an aim. I also want to join the Saatchi Online Students Gallery as that would be pretty good! But I want to put my best stuff on there, so whilst I'm sorting that out, I might as well sort out my portfolio!! So, I've got LOADS to do. I can't wait! :)
By the way, I don't have any work to show you because it was my mum's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday Mother! :D


  1. You have a lovely blog going on :)
    thanks for the heads up about the British University Artists website, I will definitely be having a look.
    and also happy belated birthday to your mum :) it's my dads birthday today :D xx

  2. Aaaw my mum said thank you very much! :)... Your dad's in for a present-filled weekend - its father's day tomorrow as well!! Lucky man :).
    Yeah, its a really good idea and I think the more people that sign up the better, then important people will start to take notice! Thats what we want right :)
    Happy birthday to your dad :)