Monday, 28 March 2011

In a Progressive Key,

Here's a work in progress. I thought that the silk, canvas and thick net (its a plastic-like netting that you can't really see very well in the pictures) were a good mix as they all really contrast each other well. I wanted to base a dress on bugs, as I see them as a manifestation of fear and contamination - two things you wouldn't usually base a dress on. It was an idea that came to me from the silk really, and the idea of making something beautiful out of something repulsive. I think I've involved so many contrasts within this costume as I want to create something that'll provoke reflection and contemplation. Hopefully I will achieve that with the end result!
When I've finished it I hope that the top half of the dress will be covered in silk painted insects, and then I'm going to make some to crawl up the skirt of the dress and look as though they've been trapped in the netting.

I'm thinking about moving the panels around a little bit. I think I might try the bit you see with bugs already painted on as a hood possibly. I like having the huge hip detail on just one side as well, it makes the dress a bit jaunty and unpredictable, like a bug, whilst still looking very feminine and elegant in a way.
I think that canvas and calico are going to be base fabrics for the rest of my costumes, to reflect the 2D work that I've been doing... I'm contemplating doing something with paper as well, but I don't want it to seem like a cliché, so it's going to need a bit more thought yet.
I'm going to finish painting these bugs now!...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Laid Back Chic

So... My beautiful friends Katie and Kat helped me out the other day by modelling my first two costumes. I don't think I want to show either of them as final pieces, but it was really fun to do it and good to see people wearing what I've made. Katie is wearing a dress based on camping and fishing. And Kat is basically modelling my thought processes. She started off by wearing just a plain black two-piece and I added something to it in each shot. Here are some of the final results, let me know your favourites as I'm undecided:

I like the blurry, hazy ones.
I don't really know what the hell I'm doing next with my project and I'm feeling pretty bad about it today. I'm going to go and eat a lot of crunchies and bagels. Maybe that'll help.
Hope you've all had a nice weekend?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Laser Brain.

My friend Katie and I have been in the studio rather a lot recently. We cope by having things around us that make us happy, here is some insight into what we get up to when we aren't slaving away...

Here's an update on the shelf. We have spent a lot of time tidying and organising lately. I've found that I really can't be very productive at all with a messy desk, so I've vowed to tidy it at the end of every day. So far I have...
I've also gained a LOT of cotton threads in the most beautiful colours!

Having Star Wars on in the background and repeating everything they say at each other has kept us entertained, and put us in the right mood to work hard!
Some 2D work is coming up in the next post...