Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No Words Left Now

Written my dissertation. Handed it in. Feels very good. I'm finding it hard now to string together viable... even passable sentences! The vocabulary side of my brain (I don't know whether that is my left or right side?) needs to have a break from essays now. Perhaps even for the rest of my life. This is how I presented my thesis:

(Yes, that is my cooker)
I chose to sew my own cover, which I did with black thread onto canvas, I wanted it bound by hand rather than professionally. I'd like to say thank you to my boyfriend Tom who talked me through bookbinding step by step > THANK YOU xx! I printed the essay on an inkjet printer onto 130gsm cartridge paper. I am very very happy with how it looks. And now I'm going to forget about it and move on.

I've got a silk screen workshop on Thursday because I've never done it before for some reason. So I'm hoping then to print up my own fabric to finish off a dress that I've got in my space, looking sad and dejected. That'll be the first costume of my show-piece then! I've got loads of other ideas that I've been trying to keep track of whilst I've been essay-ing, and now I just need to make them all! I think today I'm going to sort out and organise all of these ideas by doing some drawing and such like.

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far. Laterz

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  1. prettiest dissertation i've EVER seen. looks like a lot of beautiful creative hard work too!