Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Turning Tricks

Having lived in Plymouth for about half of my life now, I don't think I've ever really appreciated its character and charm. When the sun comes out in Plymouth, it really is a lovely place and it makes me feel so happy and inspired! The other day, I though it would be nice to walk back from the studios via Union Street... Which is considered to be an absolute dive to be honest!
Do you know what I found? some really beautiful buildings!...

[Grand Theatre]

[Dance Academy]
[Dance Academy]

[the Malthouse]

[Dance Academy]

[The Clipper Inn]

yes, they're a little run down I'll give you that. But Union Street isn't really where the money's at.
I would really like to use these, and other broken down buildings around Plymouth, as inspiration for my next costume. I think that it might be quite a provocative piece as I've never done that before - it would definitely be pushing the boundaries. I think using he buildings on Union Street to inspire the aesthetic of something centred around sexuality would be highly appropriate.
I think my favourite is the abandoned Clipper Inn... Looked abandoned anyway.
You should know that I rarely ever edit my photos. So, unless I say otherwise, they're unedited. I like using improvised filters though, which tend to be clobbered together from sunglasses and organza. I just really like the look of them.
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It's not sunny anymore, its raining and miserable. I hope the weather is nicer where you are.

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