Thursday, 18 February 2010

Star light, star bright.

[these are my stars in a trolly, before Iput them up]

So, this was completely SLATED by my tutors, who never seem to like what I do. But I think I backed up my ideas quite well when they challenged them.
I think they don't like me much because I'm not contemporary enough. But I hate the trends in art at the moment. They are silly. I like to work hard, and actually make things myself. Enjoyyyyy.


[the photos don't really do this any justice, because you were in a dark room apart from the stars, and it seemed much bigger than this looks. You could walk in amongst them and under and through them.]

[I liked the idea that you could try to reach out and catch a stars, but although it would look like you were holding it, you could never actually grasp it]

[After I took them down :( ]

[these are some of my favourites....]

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