Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pandora's box.

I'm quite glad that today is over. I didn't go to the museum, so hopefully I'll go with my lovely boyfriend tomorrow. I went swimming with him today though so now I feel motivated, and actually I've done more than I thought I would do today. I've done my research a bit more, and, for such a short myth, Pandora's Box is actually full full full of information and interesting little reference points! I haven't done much sketchbook stuff, nothing I want to show you anyway.

I'd love love love to create something that has the same beautiful feel as these two pictures do (I don't know who did them though!)

But I want to involve the whole idea that Pandora was a beautiful evil - a deathly delight. I've never really done anything like that. I'm pretty sure that I want to make an installation piece with 'evil' seeping in to my space either from the ceiling or the floor. Or even from the corners. But I really quickly (not in a rushed way!) need to decide on what the evil will look like. But it needs to be beautiful.
Although I need to do research into beauty as well, as I need to be able to qualify what ever I present as beautiful!
I have found some links between Pandora and Eve, and a description of the 'tree of knowledge' as the 'death tree' which has a colourful, evil beauty. Dunno. Aah I have so much to do. But I'm actually really excited about my work now!! I can't wait to make it.

I'll have some actual GOOD drawings for you tomorrow. I hope
Night xox

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