Monday, 26 April 2010

Jumped over the moon

Its been ever such a long time since I last posted anything! Which is terrible. I wanted to post at least twice a week. So here is an update on my life. This weekend has been my birthday and its been lovely, and a nice little break from all the stress of our second year show. Which is on May 15th til May 23rd. You should come if you can :).

Also, as usual, I've completely changed my whole idea! I'm now going to be making my final piece about the man in the moon... I don't know where this idea came from! Tomorrow I'm going to be tailoring his star strewn clothes. He's going to be placed on a grassy hill top, with clouds all around it and a city in front of him. He's going to be looking out over the top of the audience in a dark room, with a disappointed/despairing look on his face. The thinking behind it is, the man in the moon is doomed to watch mankind at night, when our darker, evil, seedy nature is revealed. So, watching over us is a kind of punishment for the moon. He has to wander the earth, barely lighting our wrong-doings. It's said that the man in the moon is a criminal, sent into the sky as a punishment for those crimes. And now he's forced to watch them.

I think thats about it sort of. I haven't drawn out how it'll look as a piece yet, but I need to do it by Thursday, so I'll put it up around then. Here's some stuff from so far:

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make the moon's clothes, but I think that'll take Wednesday as well as its quite a big job. I've also got in to contact with a dry ice company! Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon too. It'll be really exciting if I do :).
I really have so much to do right now. I really hope that our show is worth all of this extra stress. Its horrible.
Night night xox

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